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Claims for wage and hour violations can stem from unpaid overtime

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Wage & Hour Claims

Going into work can be a process for most New York residents. They may have a morning routine at home that includes showering, making coffee, getting dressed and a number of other activities to ensure that they get their day started right. When they finally make it to their places of employment, they may have to go through another routine before they can even get started working. However, if they do not get paid for mandatory check-ins, they may be the victims of wage and hour violations.

It was recently reported that a class action lawsuit was filed in another state to address this type of scenario. Apparently, workers at a corrections facility must go through multiple security checks before they are able to begin their shifts. The first check occurs when they arrive and before going onto the prison grounds. They must submit to a search and go through a scanner and turnstile. After that, they take a tram to their work locations and go through another screening process.

Though these screenings add an extra 30 minutes to their workdays, they do not get paid for that time. The legal claim also indicates that throughout their eight-hour workdays and 40-hour work weeks, the workers are not given breaks. They hope that the lawsuit will allow them to obtain unpaid overtime if successful.

Wage and hour violations, like unpaid overtime, can greatly affect workers’ overall compensation. If New York workers believe that they have not received their fair pay for work-related activities, they may want to determine whether their circumstances may warrant legal action. Discussing the specifics of their possible cases with experienced attorneys could give them valuable insight.