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Wage theft case comes to settlement; workers to receive back pay

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Wage & Hour Claims

Most New York workers want to do their best whenever they are on the job. Often, compensation and other benefits can act as encouragement to do a good job. However, some workers may do their duties to the best of their abilities but not receive proper compensation due to wage theft.

Over 65 workers in another state were affected by such wrongdoing, and a lawsuit addressing their ordeal recently came to a settlement. Reports indicated that workers for a chain of residential care homes were intimidated by their employers to work in unfavorable conditions. Those conditions included having to work over 87 hours a week while only receiving about $4 per hour in compensation. The workers were also purportedly forced to sign false statements regarding the working conditions.

The workers indicated that some of the live-in caregivers and vocational nurses at the facilities were given eviction notices after filing complaints. The lawsuit regarding the treatment and conditions began three years ago. After recently reaching a settlement, the facility owners will pay $1.1 million in back pay and penalties for 66 workers affected by the mistreatment.

Wage theft is a serious issue that continues to affect numerous workers. Though this outcome benefited the affected workers, many New York workers may still have questions about how to even start addressing the unlawful treatment they face on the job. Fortunately, they do not have to struggle through such issues alone, and consulting with experienced employment law attorneys could allow them to gain useful information on their legal rights and options.