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Some employers do not properly compensate workers

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2018 | Uncategorized

There are various employment laws in place that work to protect employees from unfair practices. Unfortunately, not every employer abides by the law, and New York workers can end up suffering. In particular, when employers do not properly compensate their workers for time and services, individuals could face stress and financial difficulty.

One woman in another state has recently decided to take legal action for alleged wage law violations. Reports stated that the woman had worked at a beauty salon as a nail technician, and during her time of employment, the woman claims not to have been paid for extra work, overtime or full commission. The woman lost her job last year, which apparently triggered her desire to address the wage theft she contended with.

The woman does acknowledge that she was provided some compensation for the hours worked, but she and other workers were required to perform janitorial duties at the salon and were not paid for those duties. The owners of the company stated that the allegations of wage theft are not true. One of the co-owners made a statement indicating that they make sure to follow that law.

Workers should not have to wonder whether their employers will properly compensate them for their services, but unfortunately, many employees do have such concerns. In some instances, as with this case, workers may have legitimate reason to believe that they have not received their fair pay. If New York employees feel that they are in this type of situation, they may want to consider their options for pursuing justice.

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