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The Cheesecake Factory partially liable for unpaid earned wages

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

Earning an income is what allows most individuals to live in the manner they choose. Of course, most people earn a wage lower than what they would like to have but still manage to get by. When workers are not given their full earned wages, that ability to get by may become much harder due to a lack of proper compensation.

New York residents may be interested in a wage theft case that involved several Cheesecake Factory locations in another state. The restaurant chain was considered partially responsible for wage and hour violations involving its janitorial staff. The company was only found partially at fault because the staff members were contracted and subcontracted from two other companies.

Apparently, members of the janitorial staff worked an average of 10 hours overtime each week, for which they were not paid. Additionally, the workers were not given adequate rest and meal breaks. Due to the discovery of these violations, the three companies considered liable must pay over 550 workers approximately $4 million in damages. A statement from The Cheesecake Factory stated that the company would continue to review the wage violation allegations brought against them.

Because earned wages are such an important part of many people’s lives, it is vital that laws regarding compensation are upheld. If New York workers believe that they have not been properly compensated for their services, they may wish to consider their legal options. If employers are found in violation of the law, they may be obligated to provide back wages and other financial recompense for allowable damages.