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Employment agreements may act as useful protection

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Employer Contracts & Handbooks

Employers have many duties and responsibilities. In addition to making sure businesses run as they should, they also have the responsibility of ensuring that their workers remain on task and are treated fairly on the job. All of these efforts can seem overwhelming, and in hopes of protecting themselves from unnecessary conflicts, New York employers may want to consider creating employment agreements.

Employment contracts are versatile — and legally binding — agreements that allow employers and employees to remain on the same page as far as their professional relationship goes. Employers can outline exact terms in the agreements that explain what employees are expected to do in order to fulfill their work-related duties and what actions could warrant termination. Additionally, these contracts could also detail why types of benefits workers may be entitled to and whether they are restricted from disclosing certain information.

These terms could help prevent employees from making false claims that they were treated unfairly. Other details that could help with this aspect include adding terms relating to the employer’s ability to change benefits packages and work schedules as they see fit. These agreements may also allow employers to terminate employees under the specified circumstances or “at will” if such stipulations are included in the contract.

Employment agreements can benefit both the employer and the employee. However, they are most effective when they have the right wording and are enforceable. In order to ensure that this is the case, New York employers may want to enlist the assistance of legal professionals when working to draft their contracts.