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Acts of discrimination can cause hardships for employees

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Uncategorized

Having a job is an important aspect of most New York residents’ lives. It often gives them a sense of purpose and also allows them to earn an income off which to live. Individuals with disabilities also feel this way and have this need, but employers may be less likely to treat them in the same manner they would employees without disabilities. In fact, some employers may carry out acts that constitute discrimination.

When an employee believes that he or she was treated unfairly due to a disability, it may give cause to take legal action. It was recently reported that a man in another state took such action after being fired from his job as a pediatrician. The jury came to a decision regarding his claims and ruled in his favor when it came to his claims of disability discrimination. However, they did not find that age discrimination occurred, which the man also claimed.

The medical facility claimed that they did not dismiss the doctor due to his disability or his age. An alternate cause for termination was not given in the report. Nonetheless, the doctor, who has cerebral palsy, believed that the actions came about directly because of his condition. The jury’s decision resulted in his being awarded almost $2 million.

Discrimination can have far-reaching effects on the person directly affected and others. Because of the negative outcomes that stem from such unfair treatment, it is important that these acts are properly addressed. New York workers who have been discriminated against while applying for jobs or during the courses of their employment may want to gain information on their legal options.