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Google subject of gender discrimination, harassment lawsuit

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Uncategorized

Hostile work environments can come from any type of job. Individuals from low-paying service industries to high-income and high-profile jobs can all face mistreatment while working. Unfortunately, women in particular may face gender discrimination and sexual harassment on the job that can make it difficult to perform and even keep their jobs.

New York readers may be interested in such a situation that involves tech giant Google and a former employee. The employee was a female engineer at the company and had worked there for seven years before being dismissed from her position. The dismissal came about due to the woman allegedly performing her duties poorly, but she alleges that retaliation from her male co-workers made her job more difficult.

The woman asserts that she had to contend with sexual harassment, discriminatory actions and even physical violence while on the job and at job-related functions. She filed a complaint with the human resources department, and later, her male co-workers would not approve coding that she wrote, which she believes was an act of retaliation for her complaint. Due to their refusal to approve her work, her performance was considered poor, and she was later terminated from her job. As a result, she has taken legal action against the company.

Gender discrimination, sexual harassment and other misconduct can take an otherwise pleasant work environment and make it one of hostility and fear. If New York workers have had to contend with similar mistreatment on the job, they may wish to take this example as reason to find out more information on their own legal options. Utilizing local legal resources could help them determine what avenues may help them address employment law violations.

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