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Wage theft can cause workers to earn far below minimum wage

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

Holding down a job can have its difficulties for many people, but they often work hard in attempts to provide for themselves and their families. The wages they earn may not be the most ideal amount, but they also likely pay the bills and help make ends meet. However, individuals may face unfair situations if their employers are committing wage theft and not providing proper compensation.

New York residents may be interested in such a situation that took place in another state. Reports indicated that 25 servers at a seafood restaurant were affected by apparent wage theft. Several workers had reportedly made claims to a civil rights group due to believing that they were being underpaid. The servers were being paid as low as $4 per hour.

It was also reported that individuals were not compensated for overtime, were forced to work unpaid after hours, and had their meal and break times violated. As a result, the restaurant is facing over $500,000 in fines relating to the situation. The majority of that amount is in relation to the back pay they must provide their workers, which totals $471,756.

Wage theft is a serious violation, and if New York workers believe that they have not been properly compensated for their work, they may need to take action. In some cases, employers will continue to provide improper pay as long as they can get away with it, and filing claims may help put such wrongdoing to an end. Individuals with questions regarding such claims and their legal rights may wish to consult with knowledgeable attorneys.

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