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New York workers face retaliation for safety complaints

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

Though many jobs have dangerous aspects to them, employers should not knowingly violate safety regulations. If they do, workers can be placed at even greater risk than necessary. When workers do end up in this type of situation, they may feel the need to speak up. Unfortunately, these individuals could also face retaliation for pointing out violations.

It was recently reported that four workers in New York claim that they have faced retaliation on the job. The men work for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority as part of a track crew. They apparently approached their employer about making their work sites safer, but after making complaints about safety issues, the men state they began to face unfair treatment. They were sent home multiple times, and three of them are of risk of losing their positions entirely.

Reports stated that the men were sent home 67 times over a six-month period, and despite wanting safety flagging in place to provide warning on oncoming trains, the MTA claims that the work site is safe without those measures. Due to being sent home, the four men have reportedly lost a total of $8,500 in wages. Now, they are seeking to obtain back pay in addition to the proper safety measures.

When safety is a concern on a work site, making these concerns known could help other workers avoid unnecessary injuries. Unfortunately, as this case shows, New York workers could end up facing unfair treatment as retaliation for their complaints. When such circumstances arise, individuals may wish to learn more about their legal options for dealing with unfair treatment and seeking restitution.

Source: New York Daily News, “MTA crew claims they faced retaliation for raising red flags“, Dan Rivoli, March 12, 2018