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Employment litigation may result when worker rights are violated

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2018 | Employment Litigation

When businesses face issues that lead to them having to go out of business, it is not just the company owners who are affected. The employees of the companies can face detriment from business closings, and when the employers do not take the correct steps to inform the employees and make sure that the employees’ rights have not been violated, the detriment could be even greater. In such cases, New York workers and those elsewhere may feel the need to move forward with employment litigation.

This type of situation is currently underway in another state as several individuals who worked for a grocery store chain have filed a class-action lawsuit against the chain for violations of their rights. Reports indicated that the grocery store recently chose to stop operations. Employees state that they were not given 60 days’ notice of the closing or given 60 days’ worth of compensation and benefits.

The workers were apparently only given two weeks notice of the company’s closing. Those involved in the lawsuit held different positions at different locations where the store chain operated. They hope to obtain unpaid wages, vacation pay and other benefits they believe are owed to them due to a lack of notice of store closings.

It can be difficult for workers to obtain new employment or make other arrangements when lay offs are looming if they do not have the proper notice or compensation. When employers violate the law and do not properly attend to their workers’ rights in such scenarios, employees may have reason to move forward with employment litigation. New York workers who have been in this type of predicament may want to gain more information on their legal rights.