As an experienced White Plains Employment Lawyer I am regularly asked about unemployment benefits. In this day and age where so many people have been terminated from their positions because of economic reasons or some other reasons, we frequently are asked whether the individual can collect unemployment benefits. Under many circumstances, the answer is that you can in fact receive these benefits.


We have people who have been told that they have been terminated and it’s not because of a lay off but it’s because they were not effective in their positions and frequently those people collect unemployment benefits as long as there is not a termination for cause.  Termination for cause under the labor laws doesn’t necessarily mean termination because of ineffectiveness. Termination for cause simply means something more serious, such as the employee stole money or assaulted someone. However, because the employer believed that the employee was not a good fit is not usually a reason for denial of benefits.


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This informational blog post was provided by Jane Gould, an experienced White Plains Employment Lawyer.