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New York wage disputes require an experienced hand

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

Wage disputes can be complicated no matter which side you are on. Personal finances tend to be a sensitive topic, and many people in New York feel uncomfortable discussing financial matters, even when they might be unfairly compensated for their time. However, when it comes to income, it is important to advocate for yourself rather than risk financial insecurity.

You may worry about bringing up wage concerns to your employer on your own. Fears of retaliation or being seen as greedy are understandable, and many people are scared that they might lose their job, leaving them with no paycheck whatsoever. However, if your wages are not representative of both state and federal wage requirements, then your employer is likely violating the law, and you are likely owed more.

Your wage rate probably affects far more than you realize. Overtime payment, certain benefits and even unemployment eligibility can all hinge on your compensation, and unscrupulous employers know this. By keeping your wages below the standards set by law, many employers are able to lower their employee-associated costs on top of paying their workers less than they should.

Discovering that you are not being paid the legal minimum wage or that your employer has withheld overtime pay can be disheartening. New York employees work hard to earn their wages, and you deserve to be compensated for your time, abilities and skills. We understand the complicated nature of wage and hour laws, and have provided invaluable guidance to countless workers dealing with wage disputes.