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Amazon faces claims of religious discrimination

On Behalf of | May 14, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination

Unfortunately, going to work is not a pleasant experience for every New York resident and those elsewhere. Some people may simply dislike their jobs, but others face hostility and fear at their places of employment due to discrimination. Some workers may even worry about losing their jobs if they openly practice their religion.

It was recently reported that three women have filed claims against Amazon on the basis of religious and racial discrimination. The women, who are Muslim, stated that they are worried about losing their jobs if they take the time to pray during their shifts because it takes time away from work. If their packing rates fall below a certain level, they risk termination. The report also stated that workers received write-ups after their religious practices caused them to fall behind on their rates.

The claims also indicate that East African employees are often passed over for promotions and that white workers typically receive those promotions and better duty assignments. The women also stated that they and other workers faced retaliation at work after fighting for better working conditions. They reportedly received less-favorable assignments and write-ups among other unfair treatment.

Religious discrimination and other similar forms of mistreatment should not take place at work. Unfortunately, as this case shows, workers continue to face discriminatory wrongdoing while on the job. If New York workers believe that they are being treated unfairly due to their religions, races, gender or other protected characteristics, they may wish to discuss their legal options with attorneys experienced in employment law and worker protections.