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Former PayPal employee files gender discrimination lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Gender & Pregnancy Discrimination

Not receiving an expected promotion or another benefit at work can come as a great disappointment to New York workers and others elsewhere. The situation may become even more disheartening when workers believe that they were passed over for promotion due to their gender. Unfortunately, gender discrimination continues to affect numerous people.

It was recently reported that a former PayPal employee has filed suit against the company for this type of discrimination. The woman claims that the situation began when she met with her boss regarding promotion to a leadership position for her business unit. After the meeting, her employer stated that the woman has small children and that the position required a lot of travel, so he gave the promotion to a less-qualified male employee. The woman believes that she was discriminated against for being a woman and mother.

She filed a gender discrimination claim within the company, but it was not investigated until a month later. The woman stated that afterward, she was given the choice of reporting to the promoted worker, finding a different position within the company or leaving the company. She decided to keep her position and report to the man, but four months later, she was terminated from her job for alleged insubordination. The woman believes that the dismissal was retaliation for filing her claim.

Many people who face unfair treatment at work may think that they have no choice but to accept it. Fortunately, that is not the case. As this situation shows, individuals who have experienced gender discrimination in the workplace often have legal options that could help them pursue justice for the wrongdoing. New York workers in this type of predicament may wish to discuss available legal steps with experienced attorneys.