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Senior care facility owes workers after wage violations

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Wage & Hour Claims

Many employees feel as if their employers are the ones with the power and control at their places of employment. While that notion may be true in some sense, workers also have power, especially when it comes to standing up to violations they face in the workplace. If New York workers believe that they have faced wage violations, they have options for standing up to the wrongdoing.

It was recently reported that 48 workers in another state are owed compensation after an investigation into practices at a senior care facility. According to reports, an injured worker had filed a complaint claiming that the facility did not have workers’ compensation insurance. This complaint resulted in the ensuing investigation that discovered multiple wage-related violations as well.

Apparently, workers were being underpaid and not given overtime compensation. Additionally, they were not allowed to have meal breaks for 28 months, and the facility had failed to have injury coverage for the workers since 2013. As a result, the company owes the 48 workers a total of $639,000 in compensation, and citations were issued by the Labor Commission’s Office.

Wage violations can hit workers particularly hard because they most directly affect a person’s finances, and employees deserve their fair wages for their time and effort. When they do not receive their due compensation, they could face a number of work-related and personal issues. If New York employees believe that they have faced such wrongdoing on the job, they may wish to speak with employment law attorneys about their options for taking action against their employers.