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Settlement reached in pregnancy discrimination case

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | Gender & Pregnancy Discrimination

Having a child is often filled with much anticipation. Women can go through a lot during the months of pregnancy leading up to the births of their children, and unfortunately, the entirety of the experience is not always pleasant. In fact, some women could face pregnancy discrimination on the job that puts more than just a damper on their expectancy.

New York readers may be interested in this type of discrimination case that recently came to a settlement. According to reports, multiple pregnant workers with an airline cargo handling company were forced to take unpaid leave during their pregnancies. Additionally, the workers were often not accommodated when they needed light duty due to lifting restrictions associated with their pregnancies. However, individuals who needed light duty due to issues not relating to pregnancy were often accommodated.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against the employer claiming that the company violated federal laws. Recently, a settlement was reached in which the company will pay $120,000 to the affected workers. The company is also now prohibited from forcing pregnant workers to take unpaid leave and from firing employees due to pregnancy. Other stipulations were also included in the decree.

Facing pregnancy discrimination can cause many issues for workers, including loss of much-needed income and emotional turmoil. If New York workers believe that they have been discriminated against due to pregnancy or pregnancy-related issues, they may want to look into their options for addressing the wrongdoing. Enlisting the help of experienced employment law attorneys could help concerned parties understand their best courses of action.