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Police officers many face race discrimination in New York

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

A police officer at a well-known university in another state recently asserted that he was discriminated against due to being a Caucasian man. He has filed a race discrimination lawsuit against the university. Race discrimination is illegal, and any employer in New York that allows it to take place may encounter legal problems at the state and or federal level.

According to the lawsuit, the police officer had worked for a city department for over 30 decades. He ended up being hired at the university back in Aug. 2012. However, he claims to have suffered disparate treatment and harassment due to his race. His supervisor was African American.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that his supervisor made comments to him and other Caucasian officers that were racially offensive. For instance, the supervisor purportedly called himself the HNIC and told the Caucasian officers that they would have to get used to this. The plaintiff also asserts that he faced intimidation and harassment after taking part in a complaint that another officer filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It is alleged that these two officers reportedly ended up being given tougher conditions and workloads, and the discrimination only continued when they got another African-American supervisor.

As part of his lawsuit, the plaintiff is seeking reinstatement, damages for emotional distress, lost benefits and back pay. Race discrimination unfortunately still happens in New York and other parts of the country. However, an understanding of what facts have to be proved may help a victim of this type of discrimination to prevail in a related lawsuit and thus ultimately receive justice.

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