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Women often face pregnancy discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

Pregnant workers are protected under law from facing unfair treatment at work. Of course, discrimination is not uncommon in the workplace, and many women have found themselves bearing the brunt of unfair treatment due to their expectancy or new motherhood. This type of discriminatory action can have negative impacts on their career paths and lives overall.

It may interest New York readers to know that a single mother in another state indicated that while pregnant, she was required to get multiple notes from her doctors in order to receive accommodations at her place of employment. After receiving the notes and presenting them at work, her supervisor stated that she was a liability and suggested that she request unpaid leave. While this comment may seem like the supervisor was considering safety risks, it may be an attempt to mask discriminatory actions.

This woman’s situation is far from rare. Another woman faced sexist comments and was told that her career would go no where due to her having child. Similarly, another employee had discussed the future of her career with her boss, but because she was eight months pregnant, she was also told by her boss that her career would not progress because she was “old and having babies.”

While unwarranted comments themselves may not give cause for legal action, individuals may have reason to file discrimination claims if they are purposefully passed over for promotion or fired from their jobs due to pregnancy. Expecting a child should be an exciting time for mothers-to-be, but often, negative responses at work can dampen that excitement. If New York workers believe that they were treated unfairly on the job due to pregnancy, new motherhood or similar aspects of their lives, they may want to speak with legal professionals about their options.