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Airline workers claim discrimination after facing dismissal

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Wanting to learn a foreign language or feeling accomplished for knowing more than one language is common among many people. This type of skill is also usually seen as an asset, but in some cases, workers may find themselves facing discrimination at work due to speaking a language from their native country or otherwise related to their race. When such mistreatment occurs on the job, workers may have reason to file complaints.

New York readers may be interested in this type of situation that involved four female airline employees. The women stated that they spoke Korean to airline passengers who were going to and from Korea and who spoke the language themselves. One of the women stated that her manager told her to limit the amount of Korean spoken because it made others who did not speak the language feel uncomfortable. However, other employees who spoke foreign languages were not given such directions.

The four women were eventually fired from theirs jobs, which they believe was an act of discrimination and retaliation. In addition to being told not to speak Korean, the women had also been subjected to sexual harassment. After filing complaints about the harassment, the problem was not handled. They believe their complaints played a role in their dismissals, though the airline said the women were terminated due to violating ticketing and fare rules.

Discrimination in the workplace can lead to any number of negative outcomes for workers who are only trying to perform their jobs well. When employees believe that they have been treated unfairly, have attempted to take the necessary steps to file complaints with their companies and have had no success, they may wonder whether they are simply stuck with the mistreatment. Luckily, that does not have to be the case as New York workers in such situations have legal options for seeking justice.