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Retaliation for complaints may lead to legal claims in New York

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2018 | Uncategorized

Many people feel like staying under the radar while at work can help them avoid trouble. However, when a serious situation arises, individuals should not fear retaliation in the event that they file a complaint. Unfortunately, this type of unfair treatment can befall many workers, and as a result, they can face difficult circumstances.

New York readers may be interested in such a situation that affected a woman in another state. Reports indicated that the woman had been a 911 supervisor and filed a complaint after being sexually assaulted by a city employee. She stated that after filing her complaint, the employee began harassing her. Despite informing her superiors, nothing was done about the actions. Additionally, the woman stated that she faced retaliation after filing her complaints.

She took leave from her job in 2015 due to being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and while away, she received harassment and threats of dismissal from her superiors. After returning to work, she became the subject of an investigation and was later placed on paid administrative leave. The woman filed a lawsuit against the city, which recently came to a settlement. As part of the settlement, the city will pay her $150,000 without admitting liability, and the woman will resign from her position.

Workers should not have to fear for their jobs for reporting wrongdoing. Unfortunately, as this case shows, individuals can be placed in difficult positions due to facing retaliation for complaints. If New York workers have found themselves facing this type of predicament, they may want to learn more about their legal options for seeking justice.