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NYC legislation strengthens sexual harassment protections

New York City continues to take firm, ground-breaking steps toward battling sexual harassment with a series of bills recently passed by its city council. Among the new guidelines addressed include requiring employers to provide its workers with annual training toward preventing sexual harassment.

Increased contract work may mean more disputes

The days of consistent employment, complete with salaries and benefits, may be fading. The reality of today’s job market is shifting away from traditional job opportunities toward temporary contract work. While this change can offer workers more autonomy within their careers, it doesn’t come without drawbacks.

Sexual harassment or office shenanigans?

The National Women's Law Center reported that at least one-fourth of working women have been exposed to some form of sexual harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately 70 to 90% of these women never speak up. Often victims are afraid of losing their jobs, they may feel shame or embarrassment over what they went through or think their story will not be believed.

A surprisingly high amount of employees feel bullied at work

Bullying does not stop in grade school. It can continue into adulthood, found in office environments and businesses. Bullying looks a little different as an adult, but it still makes the victim feel disrespected. A surprisingly high amount of American workers feel bullied on the job. According to a USA Today article, 29 percent of employees say they have been bullied by coworkers or bosses.

7 steps for mitigating employee lawsuits

While it may be impossible to completely prevent lawsuits, there are steps you can take to mitigate the chances of employee litigation. It is in your best interest to have an attorney help you with each of these steps to ensure they are completed efficiently and effectively.

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