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White Plains Employment Attorney Discusses If Your Company Can be Subject to a Discrimination Lawsuit

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2016 | Uncategorized

Many times as an experienced White Plains Employment Attorney, I am asked if someone can sue their company for discrimination.  In our country there are both federal laws that stand country wide and state laws depending on the individual state, those laws could vary as to what is actionable against an employer. The area of discrimination within employment in NY include harassment in the work environment, gender discrimination, age, religion, national origin,  marital status, age, disability in New York also sexual preference, domestic violence, victim status, these areas of law are covered both in federal and New York with some overlap. Depending on the size of the employer, meaning how many employees the employer has; the employer could be subjected to both segments of the law. In New York state for example, you have to have four employees to be considered an employer who is sue-able under the New York state division of human rights laws. In federal law it could be something like 15 employees, or even 20 employees and some provisions like the family medical leave act, needs 50 employees in order to be qualified as an employer that can be sued under those types of laws. So, the question of whether you can actually be sued is one that varies from not only state to state but varies between state and federal law.

Are you a victim of discrimination and want to bring a lawsuit against your company?  Contact experienced White Plains Employment Attorney Kim Berg to help you.

This informational blog post was provided by Kim Berg, an experienced White Plains Employment Attorney.