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New York Employment Attorney Discusses Not Getting Along with Your New Manager

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2016 | Uncategorized

Many times as an experienced New York Employment Attorney, I am often asked what to do if you do not get along with your new manager.  Sometimes when you are in a situation in the workplace, you often feel that you need to leave the situation in order to make your life better and you have to really seriously consider that decision before you make it. The problem is once you quit your job you are no longer in a position to have any kind of discussions, negotiations or even an amicable resolution to the problem; the ultimate issue is keeping your income, keeping your benefits whether they are for you individually, or for your family.


Quitting your position is not a decision that you should come to lightly, if there is some unlawful discrimination in the workplace, the act of quitting your job can actually reduce the likelihood that you are going to have a viable claim against the company. If you stay in the position and you try to work it out with the employer and it doesn’t, there are additional claims that could be brought as a result. You also have to give the employer an opportunity to remedy the environment is and if you quit you are not giving your employer that opportunity to remedy. However there are situations where as a New York Employment Attorney I have advised clients and have agreed with their decision that they do need to leave their position immediately.


Are you not getting along with your new manager at the workplace and want to take legal action?  Contact experienced New York Employment Attorney Kim Berg to help.

This informational blog post was provided by Kim Berg, an experienced New York Employment Attorney.