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Rockland County Employment Attorney Discusses Having a Discrimination Claim and Being Offered a Generous Separation Agreement

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2015 | Uncategorized

As Rockland County Employment Attorneys, when individuals are facing termination, sometimes it’s under circumstances where they feel they’ve been treated differently or in a discriminatory way in the workplace, and they may have even made a complaint of discrimination and now they feel that their termination is a form of retaliation against them for having made a complaint. Sometimes the separation agreement is specifically offered in order to extinguish any legal claim that the employee might have under those circumstances, particularly where the employer has become aware of the facts and circumstances that may lead to a discrimination or retaliation case.

However, sometimes I will say that the separation agreement provides for adequate compensation to compare it to what one could recover in a lawsuit. You really need to evaluate with experienced Rockland County Employment Attorney as to whether taking the separation agreement under those circumstances is better for you or whether not taking that separation package and suing in court would yield a better result. Those things need to be evaluated, pros and cons weighed depending on your personal circumstances, and then given the advice of counsel making a decision that’s in your best interest going forward.

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This informational blog post was provided by Kim Patricia Berg, one of our experienced Rockland County Employment Attorneys.