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The Americans with Disability Act and It’s Accommodations

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2015 | Uncategorized

Often times, employees in White Plains New York are faced with situations where they are unable to continue performing the full scope of their job duties and responsibilities, or they need some type of request. Employees may request a simple accommodation of having their computer moved to an open table rather than having to sit at their desk, something like that certainly would be considered a reasonable accommodation. The question that always arises is whether any other types of requests are considered reasonable, and what’s reasonable to the employer and what’s reasonable to the employee certainly differ from time to time but often times things can be done to bring the two together. The employer is not required to go out and expend significant resources in order to accommodate an employee. For example, if an employee requested to work from home due to a disability but the company has a strict no work from home policy, would it be reasonable or not reasonable for that employee to be given this particular accommodation? Depending on the work circumstances, the work environment, the work location, how long the commute is, whether the work can be performed from home, those are all factors that need to be considered by the employer in determining what’s reasonable.

This informational blog post was provided by Kim Berg, an experienced White Plains, New York Employment Lawyer.