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Should an Employer Have An Attorney Investigate Allegations of Harassment or a Hostile Work Environment?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2014 | Uncategorized

If an employer in White Plains, NY is faced with allegations of harassment or hostile work environment or some form of discrimination in the work place, a lot of times they want to handle it in-house and keep it confidential. The employer wants to make sure that it doesn’t get out the four walls of the company, sometimes, that can be effective and efficient depending on whom you have on your staff. You may be absolutely entitled to do that but sometimes it’s advisable that you do hire an outside attorney in White Plains, New York. Often times companies will use their internal HR-human resources or personnel people but those individuals obviously know these employees, they have relationships and conversations with them and even lunch with some of these employees, who are either being accused of harassment or making accusations of harassment or are witnesses to harassment and you want to avoid any appearance of bias or any appearance of any conflict of interest in conducting the investigations and that’s why its typically advisable to contact an attorney in White Plains to conduct the investigation itself. Sometimes, the attorney during the investigation can give you added layer of protection in terms of confidentiality and privilege as well as it gives you the unbiased perspective in view going forward as to what you need to do to remedy the environment and that’s the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to determine whether the allegations of harassment have merit from an unbiased perspective and if there is merit to the allegations what steps need to be taken in order to stop the harassment that’s been occurring because ultimately your responsibility is to make sure your working environment is free from any kind of discrimination or harassment.

This informational blog post was provided by Kim Berg, an experienced White Plains, New York Employment Attorney.