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I Don’t Get Along With My New Manager

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2014 | Uncategorized

Often times people come to see us at Gould & Berg in White Plains, NY because there has been a change in their supervisor or a change in the management structure of the company for which they work, and typically that’s when problems start to arise. Often times new managers are desirous of doing things a little differently, maybe they have different rules and different structures that they would like to follow and employees are often caught in problematic situations, for example being written up for substandard performance on the job and other things along those lines. What we do is we take a look at the entire situation to determine if there is any kind of action the employee can bring to protect themselves in that situation. Sometimes, it might include making a complaint to the human resources or personnel department but most the time you need legal advice from an attorney before you do that because you don’t know how to properly phrase what’s happening to you in the work place. You also need an objective point of view because what you are going through is subjective and personal to you and you need to have an unbiased perspective from an outside attorney in order to appropriately handle the situation. Nine times out of ten we can help the employee figure out a road map or a strategy going forward to make the work place environment better for them and that’s the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal was to make you happy on the job, have you continue in your employment and not have a break in service because of course income benefits and all of those things are critical to you going forward. However, sometimes that’s not possible, sometimes there are lawsuits that need to be brought in order to vindicate your rights if there has been such a problem on the job.

This informational blog post was provided by Kim Berg, an experienced White Plains, New York Employment Attorney.