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Gender discrimination contributes to burnout among female doctors

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2019 | Gender & Pregnancy Discrimination

Being a doctor is an admirable profession. In many cases, individuals hold a person’s life in their hands and work to save that life. Of course, many doctors do not receive the thanks they deserve, which can be disheartening. For female doctors in particular, facing gender discrimination and harassment on the job can make burnout all the more likely.

New York readers may be interested in a recent report that looked at burnout among doctors. The report looked at the working conditions of surgical residents as well as their work hours and whether they experienced burnout. The survey showed that 42% of female surgical residents experienced burnout while 36% of male surgical residents said the same. It is suspected that mistreatment on the job accounts for the differences between female and male residents.

The report also found that 65% of female participants indicated that they experienced gender discrimination on the job while only 10% of male participants experienced such treatment. Additionally, 20% of female residents indicated that they experienced sexual harassment while only 4% of men said they had such experiences. Verbal abuse, sexual harassment and gender discrimination were among the top contributors to burnout among female residents.

If workers face gender discrimination in the workplace from superiors, co-workers or employers, it can easily cause problems with their work and personal well-being, as this report shows. Of course, it is important that affected workers remember that they do not have to sit back and accept mistreatment. New York workers who have been discriminated against on the job may have reason to move forward with legal action to address the wrongdoing.