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Car wash workers’ fight for rightful compensation successful

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2018 | Uncategorized

Working hard is something that many New York residents take pride in. Of course, in addition to pride, it also provides individuals with wages that they can use to meet their needs. When employers do not properly pay their workers, individuals may find themselves having to fight for their rightful compensation.

New York residents may be interested in a lawsuit involving wage violations in another state. Reports stated that workers at two car washes were involved in the case as they were paid below minimum wage and did not receive overtime pay. The workers were also not given breaks during the workday. The report also indicated that workers received only $45 per work day after working 10 hours or more, which equates to approximately $4.50 per hour.

The lawsuit recently came to a settlement, and the two car wash companies must pay over $1 million to cover unpaid wages and other penalties. Between $17,000 and $40,000 will be paid to workers, and almost $36,000 will be paid for attorney fees. More than $500,000 will go toward civil penalties.

Employees are entitled to their rightful compensation, and when employers fail to adhere to the law, it may be necessary for workers to pursue legal action to receive that compensation. Of course, many workers may not know the right steps to take in order to address such wrongdoing. Fortunately, New York employees can speak with experienced employment law attorneys to gain information on their legal options, how to move forward with viable cases and what outcome they may be able to expect.