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Gender discrimination grounds for suit in New York

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

A woman in another state recently claimed she was mistreated on the job on account of her disability and gender. The woman has therefore filed a lawsuit against a laboratory affiliated with a university as well as the university’s board of regents. When an employee in New York experiences disability or gender discrimination in the workplace, it is within his or her rights to try to hold his or her employer accountable through the legal system.

In the out-of-state case, the woman started her job as a laboratory electrician back in 2001. However, she experienced a ladder fall in 2006, which led to a brain injury and required the woman to complete rehabilitation for 53 weeks. When she went back to work, she could no longer perform work on ladders.

In 2010, the plaintiff ended up being put in charge of her laboratory’s fire alarm crew following the retirement of the former leader. Although the woman completed this job along with other tasks, which required her to work at least 12 hours each day, she was reportedly never given an official title. She asserted that she was the only female handling supervisory responsibilities without the right pay or classification. She was later removed from her position and transferred to a non-related one because the men around her allegedly did not know how to work alongside a woman.

The woman claimed that the university regents and lab essentially violated the state’s act on fair housing and employment, as she suffered disability and gender discrimination and did not receive equal pay. Any worker in New York who suffers from gender discrimination or other forms of illegal workplace discrimination may choose to file a lawsuit, seeking damages. Remedies in a successfully fought suit may include compensation for unpaid wages or even the reinstatement of a job according to the circumstances surrounding the case.

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