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Sex bias suit filed against employer

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Uncategorized

A woman in another state recently claimed that she suffered pay discrimination simply due to being a woman. She has therefore filed a lawsuit against the university where she is a full professor. Sex bias in the workplace is illegal in the state of New York and all other states, so when it happens, the employer may be held legally responsible.

The plaintiff has been with her employer for more than two decades. However, she claims that, over the past several years, she has received a much lower salary than her male counterparts are paid. According to the lawsuit, the professor receives $50,000 less per year than her male co-workers.

The woman’s attorney claims that the school’s psychology department found that female professors were paid between $25,000 and $30,000 less per year than their male co-workers on average. The plaintiff asserts that she attempted to fix this problem for years but to no avail. University officials reported that they were reviewing the allegations contained in the formal claim.

In her discrimination lawsuit, the woman is seeking an undetermined amount of damages as well as back pay. Anybody who has experienced gender bias on the job has the right to file a discrimination lawsuit against his or her employer, seeking a monetary judgment for damages as well as other specified relief. Understanding which facts must be proved is helpful for prevailing in this type of case. A promotion or back pay are just some of remedies that may be possible in a case that is litigated successfully in the state of New York.

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