We have a recent amendment in New York to our New York states human rights law which includes as a protected class the status of being a victim of domestic violence and so it is now illegal in the state of New York to discriminate against someone in the terms and conditions of employment based on his or her status as a victim of domestic violence. At Gould & Berg, LLP in White Plains, NY we have had a situation where someone has come to us and has indicated that she thought she was about to be hired, that she had gone through the processes of being hired but the prospective employer learned that she had made a complaint of domestic violence against her husband and after learning of that determined not to hire her and we would work with that individual to determine whether or not she may have a claim under law and in fact she may have a claim under the New York state law and not under the federal law.

This informational blog post was provided by Jane Gould, an experienced New York Employment Attorney.