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Sexual Harassment or Discrimination in the Workplace

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2015 | Uncategorized

We have many questions for someone who comes to talk to us about that such as:

  • “What is your work place?” “
  • How big is your workplace?”
  • “What are the actions that you are being subjected to?”
  • “Does your employer have a policy and procedure in making a complaint of sexual harassment in the workplace?

Today many employers in New York, do have such policies in place, especially employers of a particular size, and in order to have any relief later on in the courts, you must avail yourself of that policy and procedure that the employer sets out. With a smaller employer its less likely that there will be a written policy and procedure and then we talk to the client about what are the ways that you can proceed in the work place first to see if this harassment can be stopped, when that is not possible we then talk about other options including administrative complaints and of course suing in court.

This informational blog post was provided by Jane Gould, an experienced White Plains Employment Attorney.