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My Employer has Suddenly Demanded That I be on Call 24/7 Because they Promised a Customer this Type of Coverage

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2014 | Uncategorized

This was not part of my original terms and conditions of my employment in White Plains, NY. Do I have any legal recourse?


As with so many issues that arise in the employment arena, the answer is dependent upon the particular circumstances of the individual’s employment.  For example, is the person asking the question an employee in the public sector whose rights may be governed by a collective bargaining agreement? Does the individual have a contract of employment for a term of years or is the individual an employee at will subject to termination for any reason or no reason? Is the individual’s employment subject to the overtime and/or spread of hours provisions of state and/or federal labor laws?   Answers to all of these questions and others would necessarily factor into any advice we might give to someone asking this question. The best advice we can give without more knowledge of the facts of the particular situation is to suggest that the person making the inquiry consult an experienced employment attorney in White Plains, New York in her or his area.


This informational blog post was provided by Avvo and answered by Jane Gould an experienced New York Employment Lawyer.  This does not consent an attorney client relationship.