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Representing Employees And Employers With Workplace Sexual Harassment Matters

Gould & Berg, LLP, has over 50 years of combined experience handling workplace sexual harassment claims for both employees and employers. Our attorneys’ representation of both employees and employers provides us with a unique and well-rounded perspective toward employment disputes and litigated matters.

Employees Experiencing Workplace Harassment

Employees who are subjected to hostile work environments often feel embarrassed to seek help or fear that they will be retaliated against if they complain. This is particularly true in situations where the employee’s supervisor (who has authority to determine disciplinary action or terminate the employee) is the individual carrying out the harassment.

Gould & Berg, LLP can assist by guiding you through the legal landscape, including how to make an effective complaint and assert legal claims, if necessary, to protect your rights. Our team of knowledgeable attorneys will assess your concerns and determine, in consultation with you, the best course of action to protect your rights and minimize the harm that sexual harassment can cause you, including loss of pay and emotional pain and suffering.

From our experience, we recognize that while the legal principles may be the same every situation is unique and the strategy we develop in consultation with you will always depend on your individual circumstances and concerns.

Employers Who Need Assistance Addressing A Complaint Of Sexual Harassment

We also get calls from employers and business owners who have received discrimination or harassment complaints, including sexual harassment, from their current or former employees. These employers need immediate guidance on how to comply with the legal requirements imposed upon them and how best to manage the work environment, particularly if the employee and alleged harasser are still employed. Employers also require legal representation to develop an effective and strategic defense to legal claims once they are filed with state and federal agencies or in the courts. In our experience, not developing a plan at the outset can create increased risk to the employer in defending these types of claims.

If you have received an internal complaint, we will assist you in conducting an appropriate investigation to determine how best to respond to the complaint. The terms harassment and discrimination are very general and broad and can encompass any number of actions, including actions alleging sex harassment, a hostile work environment, and even actions allegedly taken because of an employee’s protected characteristic, such as gender, race, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual preference or marital status.

An employer’s responsibilities are triggered when they know of or reasonably should know of the existence of harassment or discrimination in the workplace. Thus, a formal complaint is not always required.

The legal issue of whether the alleged actions are unlawful and how best to handle the complaint are complex. It is important for employers/business owners to reach out to our experienced team for guidance before responding to or taking any action themselves so that we can provide a comprehensive approach designed to minimize the risk of harm to your business or company.

Do Not Delay

Whether you are an employee or business owner, we encourage you to reach out to our team of lawyers if you are faced with a sexual harassment claim or hostile work environment.

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