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Student Discipline Representation

While kids and young adults make mistakes, it is our belief that youthful indiscretions should not penalize a child’s future educational or employment opportunities.

If you or your child is facing disciplinary proceedings at school or college, we can help. We have many years of experience protecting the rights of students facing disciplinary procedures related to matters such as:


Cheating On College Exams

When a college student is accused of cheating on an exam or final, they are typically asked to meet with the dean of the school, somebody in the personnel department or other school official.

In these situations, any statement the student makes will be recorded and possibly used for further action. Often, the student is not permitted to bring in a representative or even a family member.

Students and parents of students facing such disciplinary measures should consult with an attorney knowledgeable in this area before any type of meeting with a school official takes place, one who can offer effective tips on advocacy, provide appropriate guidance and devise effective defense strategy and techniques.

School Bullying And Social Media Harassment

There is a lot of focus on the concept of bullying in today’s public schools – at all grade levels. Accusations of bullying are required to be addressed and there are serious concerns for both the child being accused of bullying and the victim. This is true even if it occurs off school grounds or online via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social media platform.

If your child is accused of bullying or cyberstalking, suspension, expulsion, loss of a scholarship or other significant repercussions could result. Similarly, if your child is the target of bullying behavior, effective representation by an attorney may be necessary to ensure appropriate action is taken by the school to remedy the problem.

Reaching out to an attorney knowledgeable in this area of law is crucial to mitigating the long-term consequences of these types of matters.

Experienced Attorneys To Help You With Student Disciplinary Proceedings

At Gould & Berg, we have helped many students and parents of students in a variety of student disciplinary proceedings. Reach out to our team to schedule a time to sit down with one of our lawyers to discuss your personal situation, your concerns and how best to proceed.

With over five decades of combined experience, we are confident we can be the advocate you need.

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