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Workplace discrimination can affect long-time workers

Many people can attest to the difficulties they face because they are members of a minority group. While a perfect world would see everyone treated equally, many individuals in these groups face a substantial amount of mistreatment, including workplace discrimination. Many New York workers may have faced this type of unfairness themselves.

Airline workers claim discrimination after facing dismissal

Wanting to learn a foreign language or feeling accomplished for knowing more than one language is common among many people. This type of skill is also usually seen as an asset, but in some cases, workers may find themselves facing discrimination at work due to speaking a language from their native country or otherwise related to their race. When such mistreatment occurs on the job, workers may have reason to file complaints.

Acts of discrimination can cause hardships for employees

Having a job is an important aspect of most New York residents' lives. It often gives them a sense of purpose and also allows them to earn an income off which to live. Individuals with disabilities also feel this way and have this need, but employers may be less likely to treat them in the same manner they would employees without disabilities. In fact, some employers may carry out acts that constitute discrimination.

Harassment, discrimination can create hostile workplaces

Everyone is different. However, some people's differences are more obvious than others, and as a result, they can sometimes face mistreatment from individuals who do not understand or simply have malicious intent. Unfortunately, New York workers could face harassment and discrimination on the job for their differences.

Lawsuit filed against university due to discrimination

Many people often have the same job for decades. They likely chose their career path at a relatively young age and worked hard to obtain the position they desired. While they may have worked those many years without much incident, a sudden change could easily result in a once friendly work environment turning hostile due to discrimination.

Workplace discrimination can turn dreams into nightmares

Having the courage to leave one's country of origin can be a great feat. Of course, many individuals have dreams that involve leaving their homelands in order to pursue opportunities elsewhere. It is not unusual for parties to reach their goals, but instead of feeling overjoyed at their achievements, they may feel dismayed as they contend with workplace discrimination.

Workplace discrimination complaints sometimes lead to retaliation

When issues arise in a person's workplace, he or she may want to take steps to address and correct the problems. Most places of employment have procedures in place that help employees file complaints when the need arises. However, some individuals may find themselves in an even more difficult predicament if they file complaints regarding workplace discrimination and end up facing retaliation.

Age discrimination can negatively affect employees

If a person has the ability and willingness to hold a job, he or she should be considered for employment fairly. However, some employers may consider a person's age to be a hindrance, even if the individual has shown no signs that an older age has caused a work-related problem. If an employee loses his or her job without any true cause, he or she may have reason to file a discrimination claim.

Google accused of gender-based workplace discrimination

In New York, Google may be known as a leader in technological advancements and search engine algorithms, but there is one area that it may fall dismally short -- workplace equality. An amendment was recently added to a class action lawsuit, which claims that Google continually pays women less than men. The alleged workplace discrimination occurs across different positions and skill levels.

Fire Department of New York facing discrimination claims, again

Fire departments provide an invaluable service to communities. The men and women who serve in New York fire departments provide more than just firefighting skills, and often respond to devastating car accidents and other emergency situations. It is important for these departments to hire and promote the most-qualified civilian and EMS workers to support firefighters, but one department apparently has a problem doing so.

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