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Workplace discrimination can turn dreams into nightmares

Having the courage to leave one's country of origin can be a great feat. Of course, many individuals have dreams that involve leaving their homelands in order to pursue opportunities elsewhere. It is not unusual for parties to reach their goals, but instead of feeling overjoyed at their achievements, they may feel dismayed as they contend with workplace discrimination.

Workplace discrimination complaints sometimes lead to retaliation

When issues arise in a person's workplace, he or she may want to take steps to address and correct the problems. Most places of employment have procedures in place that help employees file complaints when the need arises. However, some individuals may find themselves in an even more difficult predicament if they file complaints regarding workplace discrimination and end up facing retaliation.

Age discrimination can negatively affect employees

If a person has the ability and willingness to hold a job, he or she should be considered for employment fairly. However, some employers may consider a person's age to be a hindrance, even if the individual has shown no signs that an older age has caused a work-related problem. If an employee loses his or her job without any true cause, he or she may have reason to file a discrimination claim.

Google accused of gender-based workplace discrimination

In New York, Google may be known as a leader in technological advancements and search engine algorithms, but there is one area that it may fall dismally short -- workplace equality. An amendment was recently added to a class action lawsuit, which claims that Google continually pays women less than men. The alleged workplace discrimination occurs across different positions and skill levels.

Fire Department of New York facing discrimination claims, again

Fire departments provide an invaluable service to communities. The men and women who serve in New York fire departments provide more than just firefighting skills, and often respond to devastating car accidents and other emergency situations. It is important for these departments to hire and promote the most-qualified civilian and EMS workers to support firefighters, but one department apparently has a problem doing so.

Uber accused of driving workplace discrimination against women

Whether in small towns with limited public transportation or booming cities with vast networks of buses and taxi cabs, Uber seems to be everywhere. The ride-sharing company shook up much of the transportation industry in New York and elsewhere, but some people claim that the company is not as forward-thinking as it claims to be. After dealing with past workplace controversies, Uber was recently accused of workplace discrimination.

New York detectives file suit over racial discrimination

A police department is under fire for its allegedly discriminatory promotion practices. In a recently filed suit, multiple black detectives allege that they were passed over for promotions despite excellent performances. The New York City Police Department has not responded to the claim that it purposely promoted white detectives over their black peers, even when they were less qualified.

Federal workplace discrimination lawsuit may be filed in New York

Two police officers at a community college recently claimed that the college discriminated against them. They have therefore decided to file a federal suit against the institution, claiming race, gender and age discrimination. Their complaint was filed on a Tuesday and alleges that the former chief of police at the college behaved in a discriminatory manner for three years. Any employee in New York who has suffered such discrimination has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

Police officers many face race discrimination in New York

A police officer at a well-known university in another state recently asserted that he was discriminated against due to being a Caucasian man. He has filed a race discrimination lawsuit against the university. Race discrimination is illegal, and any employer in New York that allows it to take place may encounter legal problems at the state and or federal level.

New York employee may face discrimination due to being Caucasian

A Caucasian judge in a southeastern state lost her job last year due to alleged racial discrimination. She thus sought a settlement from the county where she had been a judge. The woman recently won a settlement totaling $90,000 from the county for which she had worked. Any worker in New York who faces illegal discrimination in the workplace has the right to seek justice in an effort to hold the employer accountable.

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