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Wage theft can cause workers to earn far below minimum wage

Holding down a job can have its difficulties for many people, but they often work hard in attempts to provide for themselves and their families. The wages they earn may not be the most ideal amount, but they also likely pay the bills and help make ends meet. However, individuals may face unfair situations if their employers are committing wage theft and not providing proper compensation.

New York workers may be affected by wage and hour law violations

Workers often feel as if they are at the mercy of their employers. Whether New York employees have concerns about compensation, vacation time or working conditions, few bring their worries to their employer's attention out of fear of retaliation. However, when it comes to wage and hour laws, employers must follow state and federal guidelines.

New York wage disputes require an experienced hand

Wage disputes can be complicated no matter which side you are on. Personal finances tend to be a sensitive topic, and many people in New York feel uncomfortable discussing financial matters, even when they might be unfairly compensated for their time. However, when it comes to income, it is important to advocate for yourself rather than risk financial insecurity.

Does my New York employer owe me overtime?

Understanding how much an individual should be paid and the methodology for determining that amount should be straightforward for everyone, but this is unfortunately not always the case. Wage disputes regarding overtime are not uncommon when employers fail to act within the law or purposely withhold relevant information. New York employees can determine whether they might be owed overtime pay according to the Fair Labor Standards Act's test.

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