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Retaliation for complaints may lead to legal claims in New York

Many people feel like staying under the radar while at work can help them avoid trouble. However, when a serious situation arises, individuals should not fear retaliation in the event that they file a complaint. Unfortunately, this type of unfair treatment can befall many workers, and as a result, they can face difficult circumstances.

Former nurse wins retaliation lawsuit against hospital

When an employee witnesses wrongdoing in the workplace, he or she may wonder whether speaking up is the right step. Some individuals may not think twice about pointing out unfair treatment, but others may worry about the impacts it could have on their jobs. Unfortunately, some workers could become the victims of retaliation if they do choose to stand up for themselves or others.

Retaliation for complaints may warrant legal action in New York

Working in a male-dominated profession can be difficult for female workers. Women may feel as if they have to work harder to prove themselves on the job though they are perfectly capable of performing their duties, and they may also have to contend with unseemly behaviors from co-workers. Unfortunately, some women may even face retaliation for complaining about such behaviors.

New York workers face retaliation for safety complaints

Though many jobs have dangerous aspects to them, employers should not knowingly violate safety regulations. If they do, workers can be placed at even greater risk than necessary. When workers do end up in this type of situation, they may feel the need to speak up. Unfortunately, these individuals could also face retaliation for pointing out violations.

Retaliation suits can help New York victims move forward

Many employees receive benefits or discounts at their place of work. Although there are normally restrictions to these benefits, New York companies may approve alternative uses. A former worker for United Airlines claims that the air carrier did just that with his employee benefit, but later used that exception as a basis for retaliation.

Compensation possible for New York retaliation victims

Deadlines, difficult assignments and an empty coffee pot in the break room might all be sources of stress at work, but some workers must deal with far worse. An out-of-state woman suffered troubling and ongoing retaliation at her place of work, for which she later received compensation. Retaliation claims such as hers are often effective for New York workers as well.

New York VA workers might be affected by retaliation

Veterans Affairs Medical Centers provide a vital service to the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. However, at least one former employee claims that the VA center where she worked was rife with corruption. When she tried to report ongoing problems, she faced the same outcome that many New York whistleblowers deal with -- retaliation.

Wells Fargo may have retaliated against New York employees

Wells Fargo recently came under fire after employees exposed a series of scandals. Accused of charging customers in New York and elsewhere for unnecessary products, the company is also facing another onslaught of accusations, this time for workplace retaliation. Several employees claim that they were fired for whistleblowing.

New York VA patients might benefit from whistleblower

Raising the alarm over improper practices in the workplace can be difficult, especially as most people understand that many whistleblowers face unfair retaliation. Retaliation in New York is not always clear-cut, and can be more subtle than firing or demoting the whistleblower. A dentist who works in a Veterans Affairs clinic claims that she is the victim of whistleblower retaliation and, as a result, has been unable to see patients.

New York whistleblowers are protected by OSHA

Whether it's the possible presence of asbestos, improperly stored chemicals or lax safety protocols, workers are usually some of the first people to bring workplace issues to the attention of their bosses. Most would expect that their employer and subsequent higher ups would take safety issues seriously, but unfortunately the opposite is often true. Some New York employers would rather ignore these violations and allow the problems to persist.

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