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Man with HIV claims discrimination in employment litigation

Many people have illnesses, disabilities or other health conditions that often have a negative stigma attached to them. Though these stigmas may have no real basis, individuals can still suffer from negative treatment and discrimination from others. When employers treat workers unfairly because of their conditions, it may warrant employment litigation.

Employment litigation may result when worker rights are violated

When businesses face issues that lead to them having to go out of business, it is not just the company owners who are affected. The employees of the companies can face detriment from business closings, and when the employers do not take the correct steps to inform the employees and make sure that the employees' rights have not been violated, the detriment could be even greater. In such cases, New York workers and those elsewhere may feel the need to move forward with employment litigation.

Employment litigation results from mandatory Bible study meetings

People commonly practice religions that differ from other individuals around them. Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution allows for a freedom of religion that protects these practices. On a less positive note, some people may face discrimination on the basis of their religions, which can even take place at work. When this happens, employees or former employees may have reason to pursue employment litigation.

Certain actions may cause workers to suspect wrongful termination

When individuals face situations in which they feel they have been treated unfairly, they may consider their options on how to address the issue. In some cases, some New York residents may choose to ignore the unfairness as best as possible, but in other instances, such as wrongful termination, it may be more prudent to face the mistreatment head-on. As a result, legal action be prove necessary.

Workers in New York vulnerable to paid sick leave violations

For some workers, paid sick leave is the only way they can take time to manage an illness while still earning enough to pay their bills. Unfortunately, even when paid sick leave is legally guaranteed -- such as in New York City -- many employees skirt the law. In the city, the number of complaints regarding paid sick leave violations rose by about 10 percent since 2016.

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