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Employer contracts protect employment relationships in New York

Even when faced with a dream job or an ideal candidate, it is understandable that employees and employers alike want to protect their personal interests. These interests may be best protected through employer contracts. When written effectively, these tools are usually effective at protecting employment relationships in New York.

Where should White Plains employers start on their handbooks?

Owning a company that has employees requires taking certain steps to protect the employees and the company as well. This means having an employee handbook that outlines the policies and procedures that provide a harassment and discrimination free workplace that fosters productivity. To that end, White Plains employers should provide employees with handbooks that include at least the following.

Should New York workers sign employment contracts?

Employers hold much of the power during the hiring and separation processes. Potential candidates and new hires are often required to sign contracts when being considered or offered a job. These documents can be complex, especially for the typical New York worker who simply wants to understand what he or she is signing.

Severance agreement may hurt future New York work opportunities

A severance agreement, also known as a separation agreement, governs the terms of the separation of an employee from his or her employment at a company. One reason a company in New York might want to give you a severance agreement is to minimize the chance that you will file a legal claim against the company. You might also receive this type of agreement if the company wishes to give you severance pay for being a long-term or loyal employee.

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