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Dutchess County Employment Attorney Discusses Being Laid Off and Finding Out They Hired Someone to Replace You

As an experienced Dutchess County Employment Attorney, sometimes we get questions from individuals who have been terminated from their positions and provided with reasons for their firing. Sometimes those reasons turn out to be inconsistent with what facts they learned following their termination. Those cases do tend to provide us with grounds for investigating whether there’s a possible claim for some type of unlawful firing. It could be discrimination under state or federal law or even local law. Just because the reason is inconsistent doesn’t mean you have a case. What it means is that there’s definitely something that needs to be looked into further to determine whether there’s enough to have a viable claim. Under those circumstances,

Are you being laid off but they already got a replacement? Contact our Dutchess County Employment Attorney for advice.

This informational blog post was provided by Kim Patricia Berg, one of our experienced Dutchess County Employment Attorneys.

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