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What Are Superintendent Hearings?

We have had many parents of high school students in White Plains, NY receive a letter from the principal of their child’s school advising them that the child has been suspended for five days and on the fifth day of that suspension there will be a superintendent hearing. A superintendents hearing is a vehicle provided by the New York state education law to establish an appropriate method of discipline when a school district wants it's student to be suspended for an excess of five days. A student can be suspended for less than five days without a hearing but when the school district feels that the student has done something  academic, or it’s something like bullying.  When the school district wants that student to be suspended for more than five days because it believes that whatever the student has done is so egregious it must give the student a hearing and that hearing typically is before an appointed hearing officer paid for by the district who hears evidence, and testimony.

This informational blog post was provided by Jane Gould, an experienced White Plains Student Discipline Lawyer.


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