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New York restaurant workers may face race discrimination

An African-American man in another state recently claimed that a food service company prevented him from having the same employment opportunities as other workers simply because of his race. As a result, he has filed a lawsuit against the company. Employees in New York who experience race discrimination have the right to explore all of their legal options, including filing discrimination claims.

In the recent out-of-state case, the man suing his employer had joined Aramark back in 2013, where he served as a grill cook. However, the company allegedly racially discriminated against him. When he filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the company then reportedly refused to let him go back to work.

New York workers may sue for race discrimination

A city in another state was recently required to pay over $150,000 to a police officer as part of a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination. The officer who won the lawsuit is Hispanic. If employees in New York suffer from discrimination on the basis of race, they have the right to seek justice through the legal system.

In the recent out-of-state case, the jury awarded the Hispanic police officer after finding that he did not receive a promotion to the position of sergeant due, in part, to his race. The man joined the police department back in 1998 and later applied to become a sergeant. According to the lawsuit, he had high marks when he applied.

Age, gender discrimination may occur in New York companies

A woman who used to work as an anchor at a local television station in another state recently claimed that she suffered from gender and age discrimination. She has thus decided to file a lawsuit against the owner of the station. When employees in New York face illegal discrimination, it is within their rights to seek justice through the civil court system.

According to her suit, the station created an age limit for female anchors but did not institute such a ceiling for its male anchors. Women were reportedly aged out of the station when they reached their mid-40s to their late 40s. However, men who were primetime anchors allegedly did not face these same job requirements.

Should Tipped Workers be Required To Do Side Work?

“Finish up with your tables and then do your side work.” Most restaurant servers have heard their manager or restaurant owner say this countless times. In fact in the majority of restaurants and diners require servers to perform some side work at every shift.

On the surface this seems perfectly legit. After all, side work such as rolling silverware into napkins, stocking condiments and supplies, bussing tables and other cleaning tasks have historically been part of the server’s job.

Race-based discrimination suit may be filed in New York

A few deputy attorneys in a nearby state recently accused officials in another state of discriminating against Blacks by not giving them promotions. In addition, these officials reportedly did not represent them among the top attorneys in the state. If an employee experiences race-based discrimination on the job in New York, it is within his or her right to take legal action.

According to the lawsuit that three attorneys filed in May, the criminal and civil divisions of the state attorney general's office discriminated against their African-American workers. The attorneys claimed that they met with some former attorneys general to discuss the reported institutional racism as well as highlight objectives for boosting diversity. However, they asserted that no action had really been taken to alter the culture.

Sexual harassment, discrimination may occur in New York companies

A former employee of a virtual reality business in another state recently claimed she suffered gender discrimination along with sexual harassment. Both of these behaviors are illegal at companies throughout the United States, including those in New York. The woman has therefore filed a lawsuit against the startup.

According to the lawsuit, the startup featured sexual behavior that was rampant, which created a hostile work environment for the plaintiff as well as other female workers there. In fact, the company allegedly had a room with a bed that was intended solely for the purpose of having sex. In addition, the woman claimed that the company invited prostitutes and strippers to its parties and that male workers would ban female workers from rooms so that these spaces could be used to have sex with party-goers. The plaintiff also claimed that male workers received more compensation than their female counterparts and that she was wrongfully fired.

Workplace retaliation may occur at university in New York

Two university employees in another state recently claimed they were retaliated against after speaking up against alleged financial waste that was occurring at the university. They have filed a lawsuit against the educational institution. Employees in New York who face retaliation in the workplace for whistleblowing have the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

According to the lawsuit, the two employees exposed multiple bad practices at the school that ended up wasting money from taxpayers. The workers' attorney claimed that these two workers likely saved the institution a large amount of money, and they also made some proposals to save it even more. However, the university allegedly did not see it that way. The attorney claimed that, instead, the school viewed them as threats.

Black anchor sues New York station for racial discrimination

A news anchor at Fox News recently claimed that he suffered race-based discrimination while working at the company. The anchor is now part of a group of both present and former staff members who have accused this New York cable television company of workplace discrimination. He is the sole African-American male anchor with the company.

The man asserted that he would file separate charges alleging discrimination in addition to joining an existing suit that a handful of other workers have filed against the company. He claimed that he was reluctant to file charges against Fox News and that he enjoyed the people he worked with. However, he said that he did not like their racial bias.

Asians claim race discrimination in New York workplace

A startup in the data analytics field recently settled a suit filed against it regarding its discriminatory hiring practices. Specifically, the company was accused of discriminating against Asian applicants. If New York workers suffer race discrimination in the workplace, they may have the right to legal recourse.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, which brought charges against the technology company, Asian applicants were barred from employment during a period spanning 18 months starting in Jan. 2010. The company routinely got rid of Asian applicants in its telephone interview and screenings of resumes. This was true even when the Asian workers had the same qualifications as Caucasian workers for the company's engineering positions.

Gender discrimination grounds for suit in New York

A woman in another state recently claimed she was mistreated on the job on account of her disability and gender. The woman has therefore filed a lawsuit against a laboratory affiliated with a university as well as the university's board of regents. When an employee in New York experiences disability or gender discrimination in the workplace, it is within his or her rights to try to hold his or her employer accountable through the legal system.

In the out-of-state case, the woman started her job as a laboratory electrician back in 2001. However, she experienced a ladder fall in 2006, which led to a brain injury and required the woman to complete rehabilitation for 53 weeks. When she went back to work, she could no longer perform work on ladders.

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